Shirt Fronted #12 – South China Away 2014-15

Shirt Fronted with StoppinHo

South China AA 2014/15 Away Kit

the full flavour of the South China football team

the full flavour of the South China football team

As you will know, I, StoppinHo, the worlds ONLY shirt activist, have only recently arrived back from a trip to Hong Kong. During my time there, I went in search of Football shirts, with an Asian Focus. I searched most of the sports stores, however to my horror there was really only just the “usual suspects” i.e : Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Man Yoo, City etc… I was not happy with this and decided to leave the tourist infested Tsim Sha Tsui and headed to the packed out Mong Kok, to search and mix in with the locals. It is hard to blend in when you are 6ft 2″ when the average height of the locals is a little over 4ft 7″. I found a great little shop in Faa Yuen street. Please visit there if you get the chance as the football shirts are very much cheaper than in Australia. Actually considerably cheaper.

So I found a few that i bought. Including this one. It is the local Champions South China AA.

south china 4

South China AA, (Athletic Association), also know as SCAA was founded in 1904 as the “Chinese Football Team”. In 1908 the organisation changed its named to the SCAA, South China Athletic Association. The SCAA entered a football team officially known as SCAA in 1910. The SCAA is a sports association, which fields a team in the Local Hong Kong Premier league, so is not a standalone football club, rather a representative team. The Hong Premier League is the highest level of competition in Hong Kong. 2014/15 marked the rebranding of the Hong Kong First Division to the Hong Kong Premier League. The team play their home matches at the Hong Kong Stadium, The Cities biggest and most prestigious Stadium.The team are nicknamed the “Shaolin Temple”

Many Spurs fans will remember in the 2013 off season, the club traveled to hong for a tour and played the champions, SCAA in one of the games. In 2009 the club was the first club to become a partner with spurs, becoming a partner of “spurs in asia”.

south china 1

The shirt is produced by Adidas. It is a Dark Blue with red pin stripes. The Red pin stripes reflect the “lucky red” first team colours. The SCAA crest is on the upper left side above the heart. 4 stars appear. The 4 stars are not the amount of championships won, rather symbolises the reminder of the amount of times the club has won the 4 peat of the Hong Kong League, the Senior Shield, The HKFA Cup and the FA league Cup. This occurred in 1987, 1988, 1990 and 1991. In all, the club has won the league 41 times, the Senior Shield 30 times, the HKFA Cup 10 times and the HK league cup 3 times, making them the most successful team in HK.

south china 3

The sponsors are Panasonic, and the back sponsor is AET. AET is a local HK exporter of marine machinery; Panasonic the worldwide electronics manufacturer.

Is there a marine biologist around?

Is there a marine biologist around?

In 2010 the SCAA celebrated 100 years of the SCAA Footbal team.

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