Recommendations #66

  • Barbarians – Secrets of the Dark Ages (2002) ITV – 3 episodes

History’s Hells Angels
Richard Rudgley traces the legacies of the Huns, Vandals and Goths, looking at both the migrant tribes, and the pre-existing tribes, to ask whether the “dark ages” represent a resurfacing of much older tribal lines.
Sites in Austria show how sophisticated pre-Roman communities had become with evidence of stunning craftsmanship and sophisticated farming techniques which defy the image of a mindless rabble we have come to accept without challenge.

In a Time of Shadows
It is the time when the Anglo-Saxons impose their culture and their authority on the Northern reaches of Europe. It is a time when we discover that the first Englishmen were, in fact, Germans.
These Northern people enjoyed a golden age unaffected by Rome and just 30 years after the Romans relinquished Britain, the “Anglo-Saxons” made their move. We look at the lasting influence of Saxon leaders like Alfred the Great, and his blue print for social justice.

Out of the Darkness
The third assault on the tattered remains of Roman civilisation came from even further North, where the melting glacial ice had created immense sheltered fjords, leaving its inhabitants little choice but the sea.
Long before Nelson, these fearless navigators understood that dominion over the oceans was the key to their ambitions. Where the Romans expanded incrementally, the Vikings adopted a bolder, more aggressive approach.

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Podnotes: #66 – what we talked about this week

066- An Easter Miracle – Janssen Scores!

Introduction –  

Game Review  v  Bournemouth 4-0 – easy 4-0 romp as we edge closer to top

Shoot In Time – September 1983 – Part Two

FOCUS ON –  Gary Stevens (Spurs) Phil Neal (Liverpool)


Recommendations –

  • Barbarians – Secrets of the Dark Ages (2002) ITV – 3 episodes
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New Episode – #066 An Easter Miracle – Janssen Scores

After a bout of dodgy fish caused on of us to lay low for a week, we’re back with a new episode.

Hold on to your stomachs as we try to have a 30 minute episode and end up doing an hour!

We crazy guys.

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Let’s talk about the stomping of Bournemouth

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Shoot In Time – September 1983 – Part One


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#065 – Recommendations

  • Love and Rockets –

From Wiki

Love and Rockets  is a comic book series by the Hernandez brothers: Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario, whose stories published in the series were independent of each other. It was one of the first comic books in the alternative comics movement of the 1980s.


The Hernandez brothers produced stories independently of each other. Gilbert and Jaime produced the majority of the material, and tended to focus on particular casts of characters and settings. Those of Gilbert usually focused on a cast of characters in the fictional Mexican village of Palomar; the stories often featured magic realist elements. The Locas stories of Jaime centered on a social group in Los Angeles, particularly the Latin-American friends and sometimes-lovers Maggie and Hopey.


The brothers Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez self-published the first issue of Love and Rockets in 1981. In 1982, Fantagraphics Books republished this issue with a color cover. The series was published at magazine size, larger than typical American comic books. Either Gilbert or Jaime, the series’ main contributors, would provide the front cover for a given issue, and the other the back; they alternated these duties each issue. The first volume ended with the 50th issue in 1996. The second volume ran for twenty issues from 2001 to 2007 in standard US comic book size. A third series began in 2008, published annually in 100-page, graphic novel-sized issues.

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Podnotes- #065 – The Players keep falling as the Points tally rises

065- The players keep falling as the points tally rises.

Introduction –  

Game Review  v Burnley – a 2-0 win – not easy on the eyes but job done

Shirt Fronted – Spurs Home 2012-13

Shoot In Time – September 1983 – Part One

FOCUS ON –  Kevin Keegan (Newcastle), Nick Pickering (Sunderland)

Recommendations – Love and Rockets – Fantagraphics

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New Episode #065 – The Players keep falling as the Points tally rises

Welcome to the corporation that feels quantity is always best than quality.

And when we promised an 40 minute show this week, you got you double! What a feast of undeniable trash. Enjoy. by  subscribing to iTunes, Stitcher and listen to it here:

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