#088 – New Podcast is up

Don’t look behind you. You can hear it breathe.

It’s getting closer and closer. Hear it’s heart beat, getting stronger and stronger.

Feel the air chill, a sign of death. A sign of horror.

Yep, it’s all true as we’ve got another episode of the podcast out, and it’s too long again.

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The one with the wet wet wet of Cardiff

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087 – Blah, blah, blah

Stop looking at this in a stupefied manner!

It’s another podcast. Yes! We’ve put another one out.

Believe it. Miracles are real.

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The one with Huddersfield who can’t score

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086 – We Only Pod When We’re Winning

Yes as Harry broke his August goal drought, we have also broken our pod when we’re winning drought.

Yes we watched the Liverpool game and now we’re talking about it.

A planned 15 minute podcast turned… much longer.

You can get it on itunes, Stitcher or here:

We Only Pod When We’re Winning

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085 – A Latin Episode

You read correctly. Another great Spurs result, another Latin title.

We’re getting shorter all the time and this one is less than an hour.

Melbourne’s traffic is so bad you can listen to it twice and still not reach work.

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Another Latin Episode


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084 – New Episode is Up and 30% less talking

Yes, you read it correctly. We are offering you 30% less talking.

What a bargain. Get that extra half an hour before bed. More time to read comics, or those things with just words.

Yes you only have to listen to us for only an hour. And a bit.

So what are you waiting for ? Save your time now!

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Save your 30 minutes here!


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Episode 83 – The New Season is Here

Lo and Behold

For a new season is upon us, and with a new season comes a new episode of this archaic podcast. Now in it’s fifth season!

Two more seasons and we can syndicate. Will be rolling in the cash.

Catch it on iTunes, or Stitcher.

Even better get it from here:

Episode 083 – CRISIS on Infinite Pitches

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082 – Adios Wembley – Last Podcast of the Season

Well what a way to finish the season. Goodbye Wembley, don’t call us we’ll call you.

Done the business over Leicester, finished third and answered the hard questions.

Get it on itunes , go to stitcher or get it here:

Say goodbye to hollywood, say goodbye my baby

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