#057 – Recommendations





Planet of the Apes – 1968 film where 3 American astronauts travel far into the future and crash land on what they think is a faraway planet where apes rule and human are the dumb animals. Little do they know they are closer to home.

From Wikipedia:

After optioning the novel’s film rights, Arthur P. Jacobs spent over three years trying to convince filmmakers to take on the project. He hired a succession of artists to create test sketches, and hired veteran television writer Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone, to pen the script. Serling’s script changed elements of Boulle’s novel, introducing Cold War themes; notably he wrote a new twist ending that revealed the planet to be a future Earth where humans had destroyed themselves through nuclear warfare. As production costs were estimated at over $10 million, no studio in either Hollywood or Europe would assume the risk. Jacobs and associate producer Mort Abrahams persevered, and eventually persuaded Charlton Heston to star; Heston in turn recommended director Franklin J. Schaffner. The team recorded a brief screen test featuring Heston, which ultimately convinced 20th Century Fox the film could succeed.


  • The Butterfly Effect (2004)
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