#048 – Recommendations

Tutti-Frutti-DVDtutti3Emma-Thompson-Record-Womantutti frutti 2

  • Tutti Frutti – DVD – 1987

Tutti Frutti is a BBC Scotland six part drama series, transmitted in 1987 and written by John Byrne. It starred Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson, Maurice Roëves, Richard Wilson and Katy Murphy. It brought many of the cast to national prominence.

The Majestics, a legendary Scots rock ‘n’ roll band, are on the eve of their 1986 “Silver Jubilee” tour, and find themselves in trouble when their lead singer, Big Jazza McGlone (Coltrane), is killed in a car crash.

The group’s devious and exploitative manager Eddie Clockerty (Wilson) talks Big Jazza’s younger brother, Danny (also Coltrane), home from New York for the funeral, into joining the band as their new lead singer.


  • The Sweeney – Blu Ray – 1975 – 13 eps – Euston Films – Network

The Sweeney is a 1970s British television police drama focusing on two members of the Flying Squad, a branch of the Metropolitan Police specialising in tackling armed robbery and violent crime in London.

The programme was shot entirely on 16mm film by Thames Television’s film division, Euston Films. The first season was broadcast in 1975.It originally broadcast on ITV fromary 1975 . It starred John Thaw as Detective Inspector Jack Regan, and Dennis Waterman as his partner Detective Sergeant George Carter.

The series was broadcast during a dark period for the real-life Flying Squad, which in the late 1970s had been publicly censured for being involved in bribery, police corruption and excessively close links with the criminal fraternity. Unlike the unwavering high standards seen in the fictional Sweeney, the actual commander of the Flying Squad, Detective Chief Superintendent Kenneth Drury was convicted of five counts of corruption and imprisoned for eight years on 7 July 1977.


  • The Professionals – Blu Ray – Mk1 – Network – 1977

The Professionals was a British crime action tv drama series produced by Avengers Mk1 Productions for London Weekend Television. It starred Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson as agents of the fictional “CI5”.

The Professionals was created by Brian Clemens, who had been one of the driving forces behind The Avengers. The show was to have been originally called The A-Squad before it was decided to call it The Professionals.

avengers s3avengers 4avengers9avengers5The-Avengers-2

  • The Avengers – Season Three – DVD – 26 eps – 1963-64

The Avengers was a spy-fi British television series created in 1961.

The third season starred John Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman). While it began as a standard crime show by the third season some of the unusualness of the show began to show up in the story plots. This would bear fruit in the next two seasons.


  • Batman v Superman – very disappointing
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