Recommendations #046

Spearhead from Space Blu-ray CoverspearheadDr Who: Spearhead From Spacecourtney_john

  • Doctor Who – Spearhead from Space (1970) – blu ray

The story introduced many firsts in Doctor Who. It was the first Jon Pertwee story (the third doctor), the first of the seventh season, the first in colour and the first auton story.

Due to industrial action the show was all filmed on 16mm and on location. That is why it could be transferred to blu ray. It’s the only classic who story on blu ray and perhaps the only one that will appear on blu ray. Good solid introductory story for the series.

Prisoner-MainPictureprisonerprisoner 3the_prisoner-1Opening-McGoohanThe-Prisoner-2

  • The Prisoner (1967) -17 eps – blu ray

Co-created and starring Patrick McGoohan, the show told the story of a secret agent, trapped in idyllic place called The Village, trying to escape and return home. It combines thriller, spy and science fiction elements.

The Prisoner in the opening credits has resigned. As he packs his bag, he is drugged in his home and awakens in his home – only the room is in the Village, a secret place run by number 2. The Prisoner is given the number 6. The authorities are trying to find out why he resigned, while number 6 is trying to find out who is number 1, while also trying to escape. An infamous cult hit, there was an outcry when the show didn’t sufficiently answer all its own question. However it has been the only show I know where the answers where on a different level to the question.

It looks great in blue ray and very highly recommended.

regan1reganThe Sweeney

  • Regan (Armchair Cinema) 1974 – blu ray

A one off tv film shown under the Armchair Cinema, Regan became the pilot for that very successful British cop show The Sweeney.

Written by Ian Kennedy-Martin, one of the talented Kennedy-Martin brothers, it tells the story of an old fashioned detective in Scotland Yard, who has to solve a murder case or he’s out of the force for good.

It starred John Thaw and Dennis Waterman. Filmed on 16mm by Euston Films it looks great on blu ray.


black sabbath live

  • Black Sabbath – Live 19/4/2016- Rod Laver Arena
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