Notes for episode 045- it was quicker to smash united than boil and egg

What we talked about today on the episode:

045 –  It was Quicker to Smash United than Boil an Egg                 

Introduction –  

Game Review –  thrashed Man Utd 3-0 – still believe

Shirt Fronted #45-  Tottenham 2011 Puma third shirt

Shoot In Time – 1982 November – Part One

FOCUS ON –  Martin Jol (WBA)  George Wood (Arsenal)

  • Star Spot: Garry Mabbutt, John Wark
  • Club Call – Coventry, Nott Forest, Crystal Pl
  • Mark Chamberlain – Stoke’s new Stanley Mathews
  • Kevin Keegan – As good as ever ?
  • Paul Walsh – Luton for Europe
  • Gordon McQueen – Villa still best team in Europe

Focus On – Martin Jol (WBA), George Wood (Arsenal)

Recommendations –

  • Pandemic board game
  • When Saturday Comes – Issue 350 – 30th Anniversary
  • Anthrax – For All Kings – Deluxe Box
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