#044 – Recommendations.

house-of-cards-season-4-970-80house cardscardscards 4cards2016house cards

  • House of Cards – Season 4 – 13 eps

The new season of this political drama was available on Netflix on March 4 2016. Probably the best season so far, it deals with the election of 2016. It oozes Roman intrigue where you cannot trust anyone. And it is amazing in the amount of backstabbing, threats and twist and turns in the season. Probably the best thing I’ve seen this year.

It stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. It also has Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper. Neve Campbell has entered the fray as LeAnn Harvey, with Joel Kinnaman as Republican candidate Will Conway. Kinnaman is Swedish.

This was also the last season for showrunner Beau Willimon. He wrote the first and last episodes. Other writers on the show include Melissa James Gibson, Laura Eason, John Mankiewicz and Frank Pagliese. Robin Wright and Tom Shankland were the main directors.

sopranos 4_sopranos s4

  • The Sopranos – Season 4 – 2002

The story of season four focuses on the marriage between Tony and Carmela, as Tony engages in an affair with his uncle’s nurse Svetlana and Carmela finds herself infatuated with one of Tony’s soldiers, Furio Giunta. The increasing tension between Tony and Ralph Cifaretto comes to a violent head and Uncle Junior is put on trial for his crimes. Adrianna is forced into becoming an FBI informant, while Christopher plunges deeper into heroin addiction.


  • Mad Men – Season 2 – 2008

The second season contained 13 episodes.

Season two takes place between February and October 1962, culminating with the Cuban Missile Crisis. It expands on Peggy’s rise in the workplace and the marital strife between Don and Betty as Don’s infidelities further intrude on his family life. The season also introduces an unknown acquaintance of Don’s, with whom Don is corresponding by letter in secret.

The second season of Mad Men was met with critical acclaim and was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series.

get richget rich 2

  • Get Rich or Die Trying (2005)
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4 Responses to #044 – Recommendations.

  1. I thought House of Cards was finished – I had no idea there was another series: THANK YOU THANK YOU


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