043 – Recommendations


• I Caesar – 1997 BBC documentary

6 episode documentary series detailing the rise and fall of the Roman empire through six of the major emperors
o Julius Caesar
o Augustus
o Nero
o Hadrian
o Constantine
o Justinian


Sherlock_1965study in scarlett cushing_baskervilles_


• Sherlock Holmes BBC 1964, 65, 68

The BBC won the right to a certain amount of the Sherlock Holmes stories.
In 1964 in the anthology series Detective, put out The Speckled Band.
It starred Douglas Wilmer and Holmes and Nigel Stock as Watson.
In 1965 – 12 episode series – 10 still exist.
Wilmer was not happy with the production of the series with late scripts and incompetence.
He turned down a new series. The BBC wanted one and cast Peter Cushing in a 16 episode second series. Of those episodes only 6 remain. All on DVD.



• Bates Motel – Season Four

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