#042 – the Little Train That Could Notes

042 – The Little Train that Could

Introduction –

Game Review – Swansea – great comeback

Questions – well, question

Shirt Fronted #42- PSV – Home Centenary Shirt 2012-13

Shoot In Time – 1982 September – Part Two

• Star Spot – Kevin Keegan, Bobby Robson
• The Kevin Keegan Years – Pic story
• Golden Shoe – Kevin Keegan
• Club Call – Ipswich, Burnley, Southampton, Fulham
• Peter Beardsley – transfer to Man Utd
• Steve Archibald – Mabbutt – our Super Spur
• League and Cup Double – will Liverpool do it?
• Garth Crooks – feature

FOCUS ON – Tony Morley (Aston Villa), Paul Walsh (Luton)

Recommendations –

UK sci-fi anthologies
• Out of this World – (1962) – UK ABC Television
Was a British science fiction anthology series. One season was made in 1962.
It was a spin off from the Armchair Theatre anthology series. Many of the stories were adapted from sci fi stories. The series led to the more famous BBC Out of the Unknown.
It was created by Irene Shubik, who was a story editor on Armchair Theatre under producer Sydney Newman. A big science fiction fan, Shubik commissioned a number of sci fi stories for Armchair Theatre. She approached Newman and he agreed to the series.
Only one episode remains – Little Lost Robot.

• Out of the Unknown – BBC Series 1965-71 – 4 series
49 episdoes – only 20 survive – BFI released a 7 disc set – with an extra 4 episodes reconstructed.
When Sydney Newman was head hunted by the BBC, Irene Shubik moved over as well and developed the very successful Out of the Unknown, another anthology series.
It adapted stories by John Wyndham, Isaac Asimov, JG Ballard, J B Priestly and used script writers like Troy Kennedy-Martin, Terry Nation (Dalek creator), Leon Griffiths (Minder creator), Nigel Kneale etc. Ridley Scott was a designer on the show.

• The Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials

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