Shirt Fronted #039 – Tottenham Hotspurs Away Shirt 1995- 97

Tottenham Hotspur Away Shirt 1995-1997

The Pony Years Continued…

Up for review is another retro ‘corker’ – this time its the Tottenham Hotspur away shirt 1995 – 1997. It was the official Away shirt for the 1995 – 1996 season, before being relegated to third shirt status in season 1996 – 1997.


Once again, this is a shirt that over the years has been lambasted as a joke; the Pony years itself has not warmed itself to spurs fans over the years. True – at the time i was not a huge fan of the shirts, especially seeing other brands and designs that i liked being worn by other teams, but as each year passes, i pull out the Pony shirts and i admit, i really really like them for what they are. They are a true time capsule of the fashion of the mid 1990’s Football shirt.

Something that i wish the club would bring back is the striped shirts. It think as away and third shirts they are fantastic. This shirt displays the stripes in different shades of purple, on of the better colours of many of the spurs kits over the years, in my opinion.


Once again the Pony logo adorns the left of the shirt, but on the right is the mid 90’s club crest. like with the shirt, it is a massive sized logo, a reminder of the shields used by King Arthur’s Knights. In truth, im not sure i have ever like the shield shape of the logo, but what i do like is the cockrell and the font of the THFC.


On the sleeves is the Pony chevron symbol, its a purple piece of material that has been sewn onto the sleeve cuffs. Although this particular shirt has seen some washes in the machine, the collar, now faded, was fantastic when it was first purchased. complementing the V neck design are buttons, which show the lettering THFC. A spare button is sewn in behind the shirts tag behind the collar. The bottom left of the shirt shows a picture of the spurs crest in a small format.


the 1995 – 1996 season saw spurs finish a respectable 8th in the league, as well as a fifth round appearance in the FA cup. They were invited to the Intertoto cup but were eliminated in the group stage by such powerhouse sides as swiss side Luzern, Redar Velenje from the Czech Republic and Swedish side Oster.

The strike force of the moment was the newly acquired Chris Armstrong from Crystal Palace for 4.5 mil partnering Teddy Sheringham, whom finished the season with 16 league goals and 24 across all competitions. Gerry francis was the Manager and Alan Sugar was the Chairman at the helm.


The squad is a “whos’s who of spurs warriors of passion” – such legends of the game, (depends if you believe Ramon Vega was a spurs legend), but anyhow loom at the quality of the squad… David Howells, Colin Calderwood, Darren ‘Sicknote’ Anderton, Jason Dozzell, Stuart Nethercott, Andy Sinton, David Kerslake, Ronny Rosenthal, Jason Cundy ….shall i go on…… the captain was the great Gary Mabbutt.


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