Shirt Fronted #037- Tottenham Away 1997-98 – the pony years revisited

Tottenham Hotspur Away Kit 1997 – 1998

The Pony Years Revisited


Up for review this week is the 1997 / 1998 Spurs Away kit. In doing so we revisit the Pony Years. The Pony Era shirts have often been criticised as flops. Certainly it was a huge leap for the club to cross from Umbro to Pony, but each to thier own, and for me, in hindsight, i actually dont mind the shirts.

Sure they arent stylish compared to the “slimfit” types that we are forced to fit somehow into, but they represent the era, and for my mind, this is a really good shirt.


As i stated, this is a pony shirt, gone is the chevron symbol, in favour of the Pony name on the left side of the shirt. On the right side is a classic club crest.One of my favourite crests, it oozes history, and typical English Traditional coat of arms. Almost Medieval in a way.

The sponsor is Hewlett Packard, who graced most of the Pony Shirts. At the same time, Sir Alan Sugar was the club chairman, and had a fair stake in the computer magnate, and as such its no wonder the company found its way onto the shirt as its main sponsor.

The material is a tough, but light material, different from the lightweight polyester shirts that were all the rage at the time. So in a way the shirt itself was quite revolutionary and well before its time.

It is complimented by a cotton v neck and sleeve cuffs. the contrasting blue, cream and gold really coordinate well and compliment the shirt.


Possibly the worst of all of the seasons of the 19900’s, it was a huge shock for fans to stomach as Spurs for much of the season were the favourites to get relegated. It was a crazy season as we went through 3 Managers – starting with Gerry Francis, Chris Hughton being appointed caretaker before possibly the worst manager in the hstory of the club was recruited – Enter Swiss Christian Gross, priesed away from Grasshopper Zurich. He was brought in to install discipline which was seen as the main reason why the team were performing so poorly.


It wasnt until Spurs travelled to Selhurst Park and put 5 past Wimbledon, including a hat trick from Jurgen Klinnsman that we finally could relax as we beat relegation by 4pts with a total of 44pts. Bolton, Barnsley and Palace were the relegated teams for that year.

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