041 – Recommendations

fireman's 06FIREMENS_BALL_2D



• The Firemen’s Ball (1967) – a film by Milos Foreman – 73 mins

Milos Foreman – emigrated to the US after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.
He won two Oscars for directing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) and Amadeus (1984). He had a long career in Czechoslovakia , part of the new wave.
The firemen’s Ball was his first in colour, it was conceived when he witnessed a dance organised by a local fire brigade in a Czech town.
The film centres on the annual fireman’s ball, which features a dance, a beauty competition and a large raffle. For this year they want to honour their previous President (who is 86 and dying of cancer).
Of course it all goes wrong. The beauty contest goes wrong, the raffle prizes keep on getting stolen and a fire at an old man’s house, stops the party in its tracks.
The Communist Party didn’t like it. They felt it was making fun of them and banned it.

pistols 2


god save queen

• Never Mind the Bollocks – The Sex Pistols CD – remastered

From the original re-found masters which were lost in the 90s. Sounds great.
2 CD deluxe edition.


• The Mirwood Soul Story – 24 tracks (2005)

Some great Northern Soul tracks.



• Steve Jobs (2015)

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