#038 podcast recommendations

dismissal dossier

dismissal on the stepsjohn kerr

• The Dismissal Dossier by Jenny Hocking

96 page book on new evidence behind the 75 dismissal of an elected Labor Government.
Gough Whitlam’s labor government was dismissed by the Governor General Sir John Kerr.
The traditional evidence was that Kerr acted alone without anyone’s knowledge. In fact Liberal Opposition leader Malcolm Fraser knew and was speaking to Kerr. Also Kerr was speaking to two High Court Judges and even the Queen knew was he was planning and approved of the dismissal of an elected government.
The excuse of the dismissal was to pass the budget but Fraser admitted that it wasn’t a condition for him to become PM. Also there were 2 dismissals that day. Whitlam’s government and the Speaker of the house when the no confidence motion against the Fraser government was passed. A very Australian Coup.

100 eyes


• Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes

A short episode depicting the story of 100 eyes, the martial arts expert/teacher and how he was captured and entered the service of the Khan.


• The Knick – Season Two

Clive Owen the English Robert Downey Jr.

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