Shirt Fronted #035 – Tottenham Away 2013-14

Shirt fronted without StõppiñHO

035 – Tottenham Away Kit 2013 – 2014

“The Moussa Shirt”

Up for review this week is the Spurs away kit for 2013-2014 season. This is not a old shirt in relation to the 2 years since the team officially wore it, but what in its years since its passing it lacks in a historical sense, it more than makes up for in a retro sense.


The Shirts is manufactured by Under Armour, under its current run in manufacturing the Teams Playing Kits. It is a light / sky blue in colour with watermarked patterns encased within the material.

When i first set eyes upon this shirt, i immediately knew that i had to have it! The main reason was not only was it different to the spurs kits of the last 5 – 10 years, but that it looked very retro, a reference to the watermarks mentioned earlier. Perhaps the best reason was that it reminded me of the time when i first had regular access to highlights and games of the fledging premier league in the mid 1990’s. May i remind younger Generation Y readers and listeners to the podcast that in those days, there was no streaming, no twitter or facebook posts and certainly no Youtube. In fact the internet was no yet released into the public domain yet.

Most of the teams of that era had shirts that had such watermarked designs embedded within the shirts of the era. I remember not only Spurs shirts of the period, but also Man Utd, Newcastle and Norwich with undeniably similar shirt designs.


This particular shirt doesn’t have a particularly recognizably design embedded into the fabric – in fact its more a modern interpretation, but from a view from afar you can definitely recognize the resemblance it has with shirts of the late 80’s and early 90’s era.

The shirt sponsorship was still with Autonomy, the software magnate, however as it was in the last year of its agreement with Spurs, it chose to make the most of its situation and advertise a more common brand within its ranks, very similar to when it chose Aurasma, the platform that it had launched a season or two earlier. They chose to go back to the future and emblazed the HP Hewlett Packard logo on its front. The colours and the round design suit this shirt very well. We have to go back to the ’95 – ’98 seasons to last recollect when we had the same sponsor on the Kits. back then, HP belonged to Sir Alan Sugar, the then owner of Tottenham.

On the left is the Spurs Club Crest and on the right is the Under Armour logo. Although it represents a U and A for Under Armour, from afar it can be mistaken for a H, perhaps “Hotspur”?

The bold writing of Under Armour is also on the sleeve cuffs – a little more advertising than what we have been used to in most recent seasons.


As always, the shirt is for me a document in time, and as such Dembele 19 is on the back. although even at the time he was acknowledged as possibly the most skillful of players at the club, it was based on past reputations, notably at Fulham FC. Not until recently have we really seen him blossom to the player we had all hoped he might become.

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