Shirt Fronted #34 – Colombia home shirt 1998

Shirt Fronted with StoppinHO

 (World famous Shirt Activist)

 Ep 34 – Colombia Home Shirt 1998


 Up for review is the Colombia home shirt for 1998. Its hard to believe that this shirt is 17 years old, as for me it still looks like a fresh design compared to some efforts that i see.It holds a little bit more for me as it was purchased to replicate a favourite player of mine, Mr Carlos Valderrama.


 A lot of people in the Office have raved on about the Netflix show Narcos, about the life and crimes of the infamous Drug Baron Pablo Escobar. His relationship with Colombian Football clubs and in particular the National Team has been well documented.

 Apart from the connection i have with this shirt and Valderrama, I find this a striking shirt, by ways of colours, material, design and overall coolness. The Shirt is manufactured by Reebok, Being an international shirt, there is no sponsorship.


 The shirt colours represent that of the Colombia flag, those being Yellow, Blue and Red. Looking at the front, the national Team crest is sewn onto the left side, whilst on the opposite we see the recognizable Reebok symbol.

 The shirt’s material is a heavy mesh and appears to be double layered, most probably to give it some extra strength and durability. As with the National Colombia flag, the front of the shirt is predominatly a yellow number, sporting a blue, yellow and red v neck.

 The shirt has a collar (yesss) and is predominatly Blue with streaks of yellow and red. Please note these streaks resemble the Colombia flag, as the Yellow being a thicker streak, replicating that of the flag.


 On the sleeves is a thick blue with red borders. The back of the shirt is yellow, much like the front, with the Colombia Official Merchandise sewn into the lower back of the garment.


 In 1998, this shirt was worn in the World cup France 98 Tournament. Only 4 yrs before in USA 94 the team was one of the heavy favourites, however with the Drug Cartels aplying pressure in the form of death threats, the team understandably buckled and was bundled out in the group stage. This culminated in the tragic assassination of star defender Andreas Escobar, who deflected a goal into his own net v USA, a game which they lost and knocked them out of the competition.


 1998 saw the team still suffering the effects of 94, and with that in mind were a shadow of the team that flew high in USA 94 qualifying. Some of the Players who were part of the squad that wore this shirt were Captain Carlos Valderrama, the black arrow Tino Asprilla, Freddy Ricon, Hamilton Ricard, and GK Farid Mondragon, who is still playing the game and a fringe player of the Natioanl team squad today.

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