Shirt Fronted #33 – Tottenham Away 2009-10

Shirt Fronted with StoppinHO

(World famous Shirt Activist)

Ep 33 – Tottenham Away Kit 2009-10


Up for review is the Tottenham away kit for 2009-10. This is one of stoppinHO’s favourite shirts. At the time of receiving the shirt it represented a much improved and better offer from Puma.

In my opinion the Puma years were very hit and miss. the funny thing is that when they started being the manufacturer for Tottenham kits in 2005, they seemed to produce some pretty average kits. when it become public knowledge that the kit sponsorship would not be renewed, they then produced , ( once again in my humble opinion) some much better kits.

One of those kits that really impressed me is the one we have on offer for this week. The away kit for season 2009-10.

Having seen the kits on tv when watching the team play live, they really looked great and i knew i had to have one. when i received the kit in the mail, it looked even better in real life. the two main reasons for this is not so much the design, as i could already see this from watching the team play, but (a), the felt sponsorship branding and (b), the material. Both looked outstanding and felt even better.


Im a huge fan of the sponsor logos to be ironed on and felt. the reason is that it gives the shirt a certain personalization that is missing from the cookie cutter printed efforts that some teams produce. For me it shows care, and that some thought has gone into the different aspects of the shirt. There are plenty of really bland and printed shirts over the years. we all pay the same amount of money for the shirts we buy, and no doubt plenty is made by the club and manufacturers, which exasperates the thought that a cheaper printed option is a lazy get out option by the manufacturer.

Speaking of the sponsor, for this season we saw the return of Mansion, the Asian online casino and poker magnates. Interestingly both Crystal Palace and Bournemouth are both sharing the sponsorship of Mansion.

I mentioned before the material of the shirt. Its a light fabric, with a deep blue and contrasting yellow colours. It has smaller holes which the deep colours cover up. It has great breathability, being a great shirt to play and stylize in.

When i first saw the two front yellows streaks on both the home and away kits, i must admit i was a bit so so on it, but i have grown to love it. I think i thought the manufacturing on it was terrible as it is not accurately symmetrical, but seeing as that was the design, it represents the “wildside” of the team performance. A bit like a tiger’s claw slashing the shirt.


On the shoulder we find extra puma branding. something bold and different. I always thought our lack of Kappa logos on the sleeves of the shirts during the kappa years were an indication that the club either didn’t want excessive branding by the manufacturer, or for the shirt to become a circus sideshow, so its a bit unique for this shirt to show so many puma logos.
And finally, the shirts always represents a document in time. On the back of this shirt is the player Wilson Palacios 12. Palacios was signed by Harry Redknapp for 10 million and in doing so became the most expensive transfer for a Honduran player at the time. I believe this is still the case. He was bought in to provide some steel and to mop up the mess and provide additional grunt in the midfield and more defensive cover for the defense, which in hindsight wasn’t really the best going around at the time. palacios was a great player for us in the first season and a half, with notable performances against Young Boys in the champions League qualifier and the champions league match against AC Milan. He took some time off when his younger brother was kidnapped and eventually found buried by local gangs demanding ransom. As you might expect from any other player going through such an experience, he was never quite the same. For me he was a more angry player and his style of play and tenacity often saw him earning yellow cards for his tenacious tackling. To the point where he was often not guaranteed to finish a match as he was one tackle away from either a second yellow or red card. eventually in the next season he became a bench player until being sold to Stoke for 6 million.


His current status is unknown. Perhaps he may have retired. In his good years, he was a more than handy player for both Spurs and Honduras, having played and represented his nation in both the 2010 and 2014 World Cups.

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