Shirt Fronted #032 – Celtic Home 1997 -1999

EP 032 Celtic Home 1997-1999


Up for review this week is the Celtic 1997-1999 Home shirt. I acquired this shirt through the pre internet Celtic store direct and through the monkey mail. I remember writing to the club to get a catalog, then filling in the forms, going to the bank and getting a International Money Order from the Local Post Office, and then placing everything into a letter and then posting it a few streets away in what was called a Post Box. Occasionally you may still see them. Don’t forget the stamps on the envelope too!


Why did i go to all this trouble? Mark Viduka. At the time he was an upcoming player but was making big waves throughout Europe after a successful stint at Dinamo Zagreb. Viduka had some injury issues in his first season but burst onto the Scottish scene during the 1998-1999 season before transferring to Leeds in the English Premier League.

But lets have a look at this Gem…

The first thing in this shirts favour is that it is manufactured by Umbro. For me, and i will say it again, loud and proud, UMBRO make the best shirts. PERIOD. Not only is the shirt supplied by Umbro, but they also sponsor the shirt as well.


The distinguishing feature of this shirt is the detail that has gone into the design o this shirt. Looking closely at the green hoops, there is a lot going on. In the middle of the shirt is the huge club logo watermarked smack bang in the middle. The other hoops contain diamonds that are a vertical version of the Umbro logo.

Underneath the neck is an elasticised upside down triangle. The elastic allows the wearer to pull thier head through the neck area without stretching the stitching, which is a big bug bear for me. it is a very old type of design, perhaps a throw back to old shirts from the 60’s era. It also has the classic CELTIC written in a gaelic format.


On the sleeve cuff is the classic umbro diamonds. If you celebrated too hard after a victory and lost you shirt somewhere, you will find that on the bottom of the shirt is a “return to sender” type patch that makes reference to Celtic Park and its inception date of 1888. Perhaps it should have also mentioned the Lost and found department.


On the front you see the positioning of the kit supplier name and club crest badge, sewn and embroided in the middle of the shirt. Personally, i think it makes the shirt feel a bit skinny, so i prefer the standard left and right positioning, however its far from a deal breaker. Another point to mention is that the sponsor logo is the 90’s style puffy felt.I love this on the shirt. It rebels against the cookie cutter and printing cop out that we get from most manufacturers nowadays.


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