Shirt Fronted #31 – Tottenham Away 2008/09

Shirt Fronted Ep 031

Tottenham Away kit 2008/09
Up for review this week is the Tottenham Hotspur Away Kit for the 2008/09 season.


Hot off the heels of the 2007/08 season’s 125t Anniversary Kits, i was most impressed with the 2008/09 season Home kit, in my opinion at the time, this was the best home kit design-wise that i could remember for a few years and was so keen to get the kit. Now, when you order from the spurs shop online from overseas, the postage makes it almost ridiculous to purchase just one shirt, so i bought 2 to make it more worthwhile, in some way to even the postage costs between the items.

Whilst i had seen the home shirt on TV and in sports stores here for a stupid money imported price, i had not seen the away kit, so i was most eager to see what this one was going to look like. I have to be quite honest and say that this is not a kit that blew me away, nor was it one that i thought was a great design in the flesh.


In fact this is probably the one kit that i own that i have never worn. Hard to believe this when the kit is almost 8 years old. you would think that i would have worn it to the supermarket at least once.

The light blue, or Coventry blue as the colour reminds me, is not a colour that i particularly like. You may even call this a baby blue. The colour , to me, dos not seem to be one that strikes as a steely effort. In fact i think the colour is pretty weak, and is not one that represents fear to opposition supporters. In fact i think that it reminds me of the infant wards in the local children’s hospital. However, i do like the early 1980’s efforts that were in the same or similar colour and i believe those kits worked better as they had a better shirt design.


As i said, one of the reasons i like the 1980‘s kits are because of the unique designs, this one however is pretty plain and ugly. Sometimes years later, i look at some kits i didn’t like at the time and they grow on you. I wish i could say the same for this effort.

It is manufactured by Puma, whom were in the 3rd season as being kit manufacturers. Along with the aforementioned blue, the shirt is non stop plain. The front shows the spurs crest, the puma crest and the felt sponsor logo which at the time was Mansion – the online casino and poker company.

You will need to look at the pictures of the shirt for this, but on the back and underneath the armpits, is a double layered thick lining, aimed at improving air circulation. These parts are so heavy that i’m sure it decreased air circulation, and when stitched into the fabric created horrible looking borders. The only saving grace for the shirt is that the collar saves it, which considering the home shirt did not have a collar is a much redeeming, although not breaking even, aspect.


Perhaps this season will not be best remembered for the shirts, rather the diasterous start to the season that saw the sacking of Juande Ramos and the inclusion of new manager Harry Redknapp. There was no doubt that spurs would have been relegated had Redknapp not stepped in and guided the club to a tremendous 8th position – a fantastic feat given the previous position the club was in under the basket case managing of Ramos. this season saw the sales of Lee Young Pyo to Borussia Dortmund, Teemu Taino, Pascal Chimbonda and Steed malbranque to Sunderland, Younes Kaboul to Portsmouth, Paul Robinson to Blackburn Rovers, Dimitar Berbatov to Man Utd in a complete shambles of a transfer and example of player acting both insilent and childish, (which this author still has not and probably wont ever forgive), and Robbie Keane to Liverpool, which transfer was also clouded in scrutiny with Chairman Daniel Levy accusing Liverpool of inappropriate player tapping. This was settled and the complaint dropped when the club transferred Keane to liverpool for 20.3 million and Liverpool also making a donation to the Tottenham foundation.


On the bright side, the club signed a little known Luka Modric from Dimano Zagreb just before an impressive Euro 2008 campaign with Craotia. One of the most interesting signings was the 15 million capture of David Bentley from B;ackburn Rovers, ( i wonder what was to be instore regarding this transfer) and the resigning of Jermain Defoe from Portsmouth and Robbie Keane from Liverpool six months after his mega move to Liverpool.

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