Recommendations #031


• Interstellar – 2014 sci fi epic – directed by Christopher Nolan. He co-wrote it with his brother Jonathan, and also co-produced it. It’s almost 3 hours long. It starred Matthew McConaughey and it’s about a group of astronauts, travelling from a dying Earth, through a wormhole, into a new galazy to search for a new home for humanity.
Very good film, almost great.

x-files_xfiles3x files

• X-Files – I Want to Believe – Directed by Chris Carter, co-written and co-produced with Frank Spotnitz. Not a alien conspiracy but a thriller horror story about the FBI enlisting Mulder to help them find a missing female FBI agent and other missing women.
At the beginning of the film – Mulder is a fugitive from the FBI and Scully is a doctor/surgeon at a Catholic run hospital.
Billy Connolly is in it, playing a convicted ex-priest child molestor who has visions of the crimes.
The end is a bit strange, a bit Frankenstein. Good to see the old team back, even Skinner makes a cameo, but not a strong film.


Megadeth – Melbourne Concert 19 October 2015

supported by melodic death metal band Children of Bodom

At Festival Hall – a hole of a venue.

and later Mongolian Lamb

music bus


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