Shirt Fronted with #StoppinHO Ep 030 – USA Home Shirt 2006

Shirt Fronted with StoppinHO

Ep 030 – USA Home Shirt 2006


Next up for review is the USA Home Shirt 2006. This is the shirt that the team used in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. I purchased this at the Local Rebel Sport, who at the time heavily supported the World Cup by stocking just about all of the Jerseys used in the tournament. I got this particular shirt because of the original design. cast your mind back to the World Cup and a lot of the shirts were cookie cutter (please insert your countries colours here). I hate it when these shirt manufacturers do this as the national shirts need to be unique and represent the country.


Looking at the shirt, its definitely not a crazy crazy unique shirt – rather what appeals is the “less is more” theory. Its a Nike effort, which have been supplying the team kit since 1995, after adidas had the contract for the 1994 USA world cup. For me the first thing i see when i look at the shirt is the resemblance it has to the Escape to Victory shirt – white background, with a red, white and blue racing stripe. The Red is more maroon, and the blue is very much a darker shade. The stripes are not as thin as the escape to victory model, and not as french looking either.

I was asked recently by one of the John’s (the muppet one) (you mean the cute one – ed), about the USA team logo, in particular the stars. The stars usually mean that a side has won some major trophies, like the world cup. Last time i checked the US had not won a world cup….maybe a few gold cups, but i’d be very surprised if that’s what the stars stood for. So I investigated and the stars are meant to represent the stars on the USA national flag. I’ll have to take their word for it, but how these stars look anything like any of the 52 on the USA flag – well im confused, lets leave it at that. To me the stars look a lot like the Tattoos that punks wear on their elbows. I’m pretty sure Lars Friedriksen has them on his elbows, of course the guitarist of punk rockers Rancid. Perhaps its more about bonding the community rather than representing the stars on the flag. One writer said that the stars could not be a representative of tournaments won as the stars were within the crest, and not above the crest as most nations have them, and the colour is not Gold. Interesting point.


In the last few years Spurs have had a few “septic tanks” in the ranks. Most of them have been good value. in the early 2000’s there was goalkeeper Kasey Keller, Jurgen Klinnsman, is currently the USA Head Coach / manager (yes he is German), more recently we have seen Deandre Yedlin, Brad Friedel, and of course the talismalic Clint Dempsey, whose goal against Man Utd in 2013 was well worth his transfer alone. a few former players have plied their trade in the MLS national league, Jermaine Defoe, Teemu Taino, Giovanni Dos Santos and of course Robbie Keane, who is excelling in the current rendition of the LA Galaxy.

Since the 1994 World Cup, where the nation qualified automatically s the host nation, the US have qualified for all world cups since. One reason is the quality of the opposition in their CONCACAF region, however the side has performed quite well in most of those world cup outings. 1994 they were knocked out in the round of 16 by eventual champions Brazil, they reached the quarter finals of Japan/South Korea in 2002 losing to Germany 1-0, and claiming many fancied scalps such as Portugal on the way. Perhaps its most coverted victory is the 1-0 win against the might of England during the 1950 Brazil World cup in Belo Horizonte. This result is still considered the biggest upset in world cup history.

Their biggest export and best ever produced player is no doubt Landon Donovan.


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