Shirt Fronted #028 – Hong Kong Home 2014/15

Shirt Fronted with #StoppinHO

Ep 28

Hong Kong National Shirt 2014/2015


Having grown up in Hong Kong, it was always nice to be able to return “home” for a visit and enjoy being a semi tourist. Hong Kong is a Former British Colony, now under rule by China. It is a tourist haven, where the east does meet the west. It has one on the busiest harbors and has a financial district that rivals that of Wall Street. Tourism, nightlife, culture, food, shopping, ferries, great views….you name it, Hong Kong has it all. What it isn’t known for is its Football team. Enter StoppinHO, who was on a mission to find a HK shirt.


We eventually found one in Mong Kok. Mong Kok has a life of its own. in fact its the most densely populated area in the world with an average in the 1980’s of just under 10 people living per room.Its also notorious for being a havan for the triad gangs. The mind boggles, and its as busy as its ever been.

So here is the Home shirt of Hong Kong. Like most asian countries, red is the lucky colour and so the home shirts are always in red. this is a really unique shirt, in design, colour and size. Allow me to expand….

firstly lets look at the size. As we now, Asian populations aren’t that big, weight is not an issue. so why have big shirts? This particular shirt is an XXXL and is the equal to between a large and XL European effort. Its a nike shirt so its reasonably sturdy, with not much give, so European people will have to really inhale to fit this one on.


The next topic is the design. Its so refreshing to see that its not another small country who have allowed Nike to manufacture and issue the cookie cutter design in the country colour of choice. The shirt has different shades of red stripes. look closely and you can see a a chevron, or V design, which acts as a border for the different shades or red. its so effective in the flesh and a great design. Perhaps you could say that it has a very asian traditional feel to the shirt.


If you look at the inside collar, you will see some Cantonese Characters. This translate to Shoot for goal, a popular catch cry amongst the HK fans.

The HKFA crest is also something unique it features English letters and Chinese characters. The characters are not mandarin, but cantonese, the dialect of Southern China, and HK. It also features the famous HK Dragon.


Hong Kong may not make a world cup, nor win an Asian Cup in our lifetime but the development of the game is growing. Like most asian countries, Football rules and is followed religiously, especially the big European leagues. Its good but a detriment to the local game. In most sport shops, you cant buy the HK shirt, rather you can buy every kit and training accessory for Man U, City, Barca, Real madrid and the flavor of the month Bayern Munich.


To highlight the recent progression and development of the game in HK, the most recent world cup qualifier had them tied with the arch enemy, in China. China and Hk do not get on well, its political based, and you could say its democracy v communism. The result was a 0-0 draw in Shenzhen, with the return leg later in the year, i believe, at either HK stadium, or Mong Kok stadium. Lets see if the team can go one better against the mainlanders


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