Shirt Fronted 027 – Spurs Home Shirt 2006/07

Shirt Fronted with StoppinHO

Ep 027

Spurs Home Shirt 2006/2007

Up for review is the Spurs Home Shirt for 2006/2007. This is the First shirt that Puma produced for the club, replacing the Kappa brand. A lot of mixed feelings about Kappa. From my point of view, there was some refreshing designs, but the big gripe for most fans was the figure hugging design. No wonder why you rarely see these shirts being worn amongst the fans at matches. For a first up effort by Puma…. how can i say this nicely….its probably my least favorite of all the spurs kits that i own. Why?….let me explain.


Lets talk about the design. Design is no real issue for me. Its white. The puma logo is felt. The club crest is embroided and has a mixture of felt through it much like the Puma Logo. The cool thing is that from a distance it looks 3 dimension.The logo is printed onto the shirt. It was not only the first shirt produced by Puma, but it was the first shirt to bear the Mansion Logo. Mansion is an Asian based online Poker and Casino company. Poker itself has been around and is enjoyed my millions worldwide, and if you cast your mind back to the mid 2000’s, it was the real birth of online gambling and the game that pioneered the revolution was online Poker. But i digress….


So thats the design out of the way….its actually a nice looking shirt…so why do i dislike it so. Lets try it on……yuk…

It was a really poor shirt to wear. This is one of my big bug bears when it comes to shirts…. Just think… we got rid of kappa and everyone was looking forward to nice fitting shirts. hmmmm… The first reason i dislike the shirt is the material. its unlike any other shirt that i have felt, seen or worn previously. It is paper thin, and feels like what i would assume recycled coke bottles would feel like. When this was worn on a medium to warm day, the sweat did not disappear…. in fact the shirt embraced it and became easily saturated and stuck to the wearer or player. cast your mind back to world cup 2006 in Germany, played during the summer. Didier Zokora was playing for the Ivory Coast in the same shirt, just in Orange. The sweat was visible and the shirt looked completely uncomfortable and bordering on disgusting to look at. Nowadays the big technology in shirts is that it work s hard to keep you dry.


The shirt had no real give, and could not be stretched so for me, after wearing it once, it was folded away like a piece of paper and placed, till now, in the achieves.


The big memory as a fan watching the side of the time was the infamous game we played under lights at Upton park v West ham. this was the 4-3 win that included Carlos Tevez making his debut for West ham and scoring from free kick and jumping into the crowd. It also have a former spurs player Bobby Zamora, a complete fop for us, come off the bench and score. Mathew Etherington and Paul Konchesky , former servants of the club were also in the West ham line up. For Spurs, Berbatov was on top of his game and scored a magnificent dead ball free kick, equal to the tevez effort as it was closer. Jermaine Defoe scored a penalty, and who could forget the Volley from the Aaron Lennon mid mid back heel for the Finland International Teemu Taino to score. But the best was still to come….in the 6th minute of 4 added minutes, Lee Young Pyo tackles Marlon Harewood, (the Oaf), and passes to Paul Stalteri, the Canadian International. He passed to a rampaging Jermaine Defoe, who ambitiously shoots and the save is parried by Robert Green into the path of Stalteri who smashes the ball into the net. I can still hear the commentary…. Stalteri Noooooooooo!!! Oh Yes

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