Shirt Fronted #23 – Tottenham Kappa Home Shirt 2004-05


Firstly a big welcome back to the second season of shirt fronted, where we only present the very best of shirts from the past and from around the world. The offering being presented this episode is the season 2004/05 Tottenham Home Shirt.


This shirt is made by the Italian Sports giants Kappa. Personally, i was so excited when i found out that Kappa was to be our kit sponsor, having grown up watching serie A and admired a lot of the shirts on show, however my lungs did not agree, as every time i donned the shirt, i was forced to call upon the lungs to breathe in and work overtime to hide the belly. Yes this is one of the shirts that overexposed many a supporter.


The sponsor was Thomson travel which was a sponsor for 3 years. Those who have a problem with Red on the current shirt should heed the colour on this sponsor logo…yes it was done before! The shirt features the Kappa logo on the right chest, with club crest of the time featured on the left


The wiredness of this shirt now starts….. the complete back is made of a mesh…obviously Italian scientific technology deemed that for more breathability and dryness, most sweaty players and supporters needed extra air flow, and rather than design or formulate a fabric, they decided to reinvent the wheel and offer a mesh back…the more holes, the more air right….. WRONG!


The collar around the neck is slightly raised and gives the effect of a collarless shirt. This author loves collars on his shirts as an exposed neck leads to either a cold or a love bite, however rest assured you both look and are protected. A nice touch is the SPURS embroided into the back neck.

So there you have it…the 2004 shirt in all its technological glory.


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