Shirt Fronted #21 – Tottenham Away 1994/95

Shirted Fronted With StoppinHO!

Spurs Away 94/95


A lot has been said on the Podcast about the quality of the shirts and their designs for spurs over the last 10 or so years. Of course its a matter of opinion, however for my part, allow me to state that i’m not afraid to say that there are some downright shockers. I find that the further one goes back, the better the shirts were.

Go back to 1994/95. Spurs were docked points and kicked out of the FA cup (only to be fined and given a further docking of points) due to “financial Irregularities”. The club made perhaps their greatest ever transfer coup by signing the World Cup winning German Striker Jurgen Klinnsman. They also produced one of the most iconic shirts every produced….the purple away shirt….THis shirt is legendary as its al known as the “dive shirt” which was worn when Klinnsman scored his first goal for spurs. Klinnsman was known for his exploits as a diver in the penalty box, and in celebration of his first goal, dived on the ground. This moment is now folklore for not only spurs fans but also football fans worldwide.


It is produced by my favourite kit manufacturer, Umbro, and is polyester throughout. On the left side you see the retro splash of light purple over the dark purple. This rekindles images of Gordon Durie tearing up the left wing in the 91/92 yellow away kit. the only difference is that the yellow splash resembled vomit, rather than the art of the purple dive shirt. HOLSTEN was still the sponsor, and certainly is an iconic sponsor logo for all spurs fans. I still pick up the odd holsten pilsner in memory of these shirts and their iconic sponsorship.


The highlight has to be the massive sewn on badge of the crest and logo of spurs at the time. For many fans it is the favourite of all the logos, splashing the modern looking at the time, cock on ball, with an older style cockerel.


Very rarely do shirts stand for or symbolise an event or piece of history but this shirt is one of those and is hence a very special shirt for myself. The shirt is known for the dive celebration but also i lot of great childhood memories of supporting spurs and for me their greatest striker of the modern era, Jurgen Klinnsman. He was a player to be proud to support with your club, and provided for me a season that has not been bettered by a player ever since (ok i know Bale was good, but i love “klinsy”).

Anyhow, from time to time, there are some fools that put it on ebay, if you see it make sure you grab it!

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