Shirt Fronted #20 – Melbourne Victory 10th Anniversary Shirt

Shirt Fronted with StoppinHO

Melbourne Victory 10th Anniversary Home Shirt

Its strange that since the Podcast has evolved in Australia (Via Brazil) that we have not really looked into an Australian shirt. The League in Australia celebrates its 10th season as the A-league. Most of the sides are still present from its inception, and many have celebrated by producing anniversary shirts. Melbourne Victory, the biggest club hailing from Victoria are no different, and they have produced this shirt. In my opinion, the regular victory shirt is one of the best designs in the world, and this shirt is certainly a fusion of this design. I encourage you to google the Victory shirt. But for now lets chat about this anniversary shirt.


As you can see there is a lot going on within this shirt. The characteristic V shape is substituted with a “subliminal V” which is chequered in the shades of blue and white, which are the colours of not only Melbourne Victory, but also representative of the state of Victoria.


On the left side is the familiar A-League logo worn by all teams within the league. On the right is the special 10th anniversary crest. If you take away the “10” and the “2005 – 2014” ribbon, you have the official crest of the club.


The sponsor is CTI – Community Training Initiatives. Below the sponsor logo (which i think is an unmitigated disaster), is a list of EVERY player and coach who have worn the shirt of Melbourne Victory. Some shirts choose to have this embedded within the shirt – a little more subtle than whats on offer here….Front page and in bold lettering. And having supported this club since its inception….i can tell you there are a few great players such as Kevin Muscat, Archie Thompson, the Brazilian “Fred” and Carlos Hernandez…..but there a few shockers as well.


On the sleeves you have a chicken fest…. KFC adorns the left sleeve, the back is La Ionica – the chicken manufacturer, and to cover off the adverts, we have Hyundai on the right sleeve, this is mandatory for all of the a-league shirts and teams.


Its an adidas shirt and of course has the infamous three stripes on the sleeves. Overall an interesting shirt, by no means my favourite, but one that will be somewhat of a collectors item in the future given that the Mighty Victory defeated Sydney FC in the A-League Grand final and once again are crowned champions.

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