Shirt Fronted #19 – Tampa Bay Mutiny 1997 Home

Shirt Fronted #19 With StoppinHo

Tampa Bay Mutiny Home 1997


I have been to many places and visited many cities, but in 1997 i found myself touring America. In particular a very hot and humid Tampa Bay, in Florida. After a long bus ride, i decided to alight the Greyhound bus and check out a sports store i saw as we were pulling into the depot. This place caught my eye as it had high windows filled with football shirts. I just had to see it!

One shirt amongst others (and there were some beauties) caught my eye, and it was the Tampa Bay Mutiny shirt. I knew of the Tampa Bay Mutiny, via the SBS channel in Australia. Every Saturday used to be a football dream….shows, champions league, interviews, profiles…etc… One of those profiles was for one of my favourite players, the Colombian Fuzzball Carlos Valderrama. What a player he was! And importantly, i knew he played for the Mutiny.

The Mutiny played in the MLS as an expansion team from 1997-2001, hot off the 1994 World Cup. MLS owned the franchise, but after low revenue and crowds, they looked to find an ownwer. The Glazers of Man U fame, were considered, as they owned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but chose against it. From 2001-2002 the Mutiny became the “Miami Fusion” before ceasing to exist in 2002.

But. I. Have. My. Carlos. Valderrama. Shirt.


It really is a throwback to the late 90’s. everything from the design, shirt size, material, printing, its all there!

Everything bar the crest is printed into the fabric. Many spurs shirts were the same! the most striking thing for me was the tampa bay mutiny logo on the front. The MLS in its inception years had all sides not wear sponsors logos. different now of course. the only reason i can think is to help build the brand and logo.


The crest is a sewn on badge. i have wonder what on earth it was for years. I was expecting a Pirate or the Cutty Sark. But i was watching the MLB Baseball a few years ago and it hit me…. i was watching the tampa bay Devil Rays….it made sense…its a Devil Ray….or some other Marine animal that has the ability to kill within seconds, a la Steve Irwin and that Stingray. I presume a Devil Ray is a proper hunting fish and not a comic book made up character for the purpose of a logo.


On the sleeve is the MLS badge. To this day the MLS logo has remained the same, and i respect that. I should also mention that its a nike shirt, and like most Nike clothing of the time, it was massive. when you wear this, it literally falls off ya! Very comfy thou!

So there you have it. 1997 Tampa Bay Mutiny Shirt.

One of StoppinHO’s favourites from the archives (archtivistives).

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