Shirt Fronted #18 – Tottenham Away 2007/08

Getting shirt fronted with StoppinHo

Spurs away 2007/08


This week a stoppinHO not come to the show becosei of not being told o the cancel the show. I then cracked it and sent the shirt via telex to John. He then tell stoppinHO “ dona worry i will do the shirt review” StoppinHo.

Thank you for that introduction StoppinHO!


The shirt being reviewed is the spurs away 2007/08. This is the away shirt made by Puma for our 125yr anniversary year. Dark blue, collared and tough, this was a year that every fan was waiting for the ultimate shirt, that would represent 125yrs of this great club. Apart from the 125yr anniversary match shirt, we really weren’t treated to the best of offers, however of the ones that came out, this is probably the pick of them.


The embroided cockeral “cock on ball” is on the left side of the shirt accompanied by the 125 yrs logo. The sponsor was mansion Casino and Gambling, and was possibly, ( need to check), but was the first sponsorship to grace the shirt in another language…Mandarin Chinese. This was seen as a way to bolster not only relations with Asia, but its fanbase and of course the all important shirt sales.

The sponsor logo is heat sealed onto the shirt and is felt, which is nice to touch. Hands off stoppinHO!! Directly on the opposite side is the puma embossed logo.


One of my pet hates with shirts is that when you pull it on, normally the neck is so tight that it not only chokes but also expands, putting it out of shape, as well as busting up the threads and ruining the shirt. Puma got smart here and put a flexible elastic front on the neck so , with great comfort, one may easily pull the shirt over the head without threads snapping all over the place.


On the back is the player of the moment, Berbatov 9. I loved this man when he played for us. but i fell out of love with his tomfoolery and hostage tactics that ruined club and supporter preparation for the season. As the years pass, i have calmed down somewhat, and can look back with fondness of the side with him banging in the goals. to me, even with the emergence and success of Kane, we have never had a better striker since.

this pic was also sent through with the shirt pics. Is this what StoppinHo really looks like? An alien or bad plastic surgery.

this pic was also sent through with the shirt pics. Is this what StoppinHo really looks like? An alien or bad plastic surgery? You be the judge.

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