Shirt Fronted #16 – Tottenham Away 2001-02

Shirt fronted – Spurs Away 2001/2002


By StoppinHo (world famous shirt activist)

Greetings and up for review today is the Spurs away kit from the 2001/2002 season. This was purchased by myself when in London during the same trip that I purchased the goalkeeping shirt that was reviewed in an earlier episode.

The first thing that strikes me is the colour. It is a light blue effort. Now there have been variations of light blue in seasons past, but the light blue has always been light, not a sky blue, which it me is an even lighter blue. Normally the blues used are a navy blue variation, but doing my research, i don’t think we had done a genuine sky blue since 1933. I know ppl will prob point to the 1984 away shirt, but to my eye, they are light blue, and are deep in colour, whereas i think this sky blue effort is not full in colour at all. I guess this is a matter of personal opinion.

Think of it like the “….And Justice For All” album by Metallica. It just lacks Bass guitar!

Glad i was able to clear that up!


The sky blue in the shirt is complimented by the navy blue trim. the colours work so well together. It is made by Adidas and the shirt sponsor is Holsten. Holsten pilsner where on thier second round of shirt sponsorship. Their logo adorned some of our earlier efforts from the 80’s. For me a great looking logo and represents something we all want to have in our hands watching sport…beer.


There is no collar to this shirt. I really like the two tone v – neck, which introduces white to the shirt. Take notice of the famous three stripes on the sleeves. The stripes seem to grow a pair of legs as they approach the neck area, and as fleetwood mac would sing, they seem to go their own way. I think it looks great and is something very different from the standard straight three stripes. I’m not sure I’ve seen this on other Adidas shirts ever.


so there it is, the spurs away 2001/2002 effort by Adidas. Certainly, i loved the shirt when i first bought it, and hence some colour has been lost from the logo on the front, so not one i wear alot, but rather to be archived (activived – as us activists like to say) for the longevity of time.


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