Shirt Fronted #14 – Tottenham Home Shirt – Kappa 2004-05

Shirt fronted with Stoppinho – Spurs Home shirt 2004-2005


Today up for review is the Spurs 2004-05 Home shirt. This is the second version of the now infamous Kappa Era. Kappa are an Italian football shirt and sports manufacturer.

Personally, watching the Football on TV, especially the champions league, i used to love seeing all the different shirt styles, and i absolutely loved the Kappa Designs. I was thrilled when Kappa got the deal to provide the Kits for Spurs….Until i received the kit in the mail that is…

And that opinion is shared amongst most fans, who love their food and drink. Like Stoppinho. The shirts are skin tight. They are made from a stretchable Lycra, which was used not only as a fashion to show off the players “racks”, but also to exetuate the shirt pull, even prevent a defender from getting a handful of shirt. Great for the players and a marvelous kit design, no question, but for the fans, who don’t train with the players, aren’t subjected to the diets and medical “whatevers”, this is a nightmare of epic proportions.

You just can’t wear it, as much as you want to its impossible. unless you have no dignity in your appearance, and lets face it everyone has thier favourite atricles of clothing to wear.

Now that i’ve got that out of the way, lets look at the shirt itself…..


I really love the baseball style colour co-ordination, the white body and the blue sleeves. This really shows off the club colours, but still has the home white feel about it. Embroided on the shirt is the kappa logo, not the boy/girl logo, but the name, and the spurs crest of the era, which is a favourite of mine.


Loads of supporters have mixed feelings about the colour red used on the shirt, especially the big red AIA on the current kit. Well guess what guys, it has been done before: the red thomson logo is blazed over the front of this shirt.


On the back was a fav of mine….the big Pharoah himself, MIDO 15. Mido started off with a bang, but was quickly worked out and had a mixed career. His first season and a bit ensured he was a big hit at the Lane; his imposing strength and attitude to attack winning over most supporters. But then it all went pear shaped and he didn’t have a second trick up his sleeve that enables strikers to succeed at the highest level.


I’m not against kappa being a shirt sponsor again, however, the club will need to ensure that the kits are more fan friendly. When i was in Sweden in 2005, i attended a Hammerby HIF match in Stockholm – in the Allsvensken , where the team where kitted out by kappa. Whilst browsing the club shop afterwards, they had a huge selection of kits, with a sign saying “for your comfort – the shirts are manufactured to normal sizes”.

See….. it can be done.

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