Shirt Fronted by StoppinHo #13 – Turkey 2007/08 Home shirt

turkey 1

When I, StoppinHo, the world famous shirt activist, was a little younger, i tried my luck with a turkish girl with mixed results. As always, before things went thier own way I was able to manipulate a shirt off her. This happened once before with a peruvian who i got a Barcelona shirt off before it was doomed, but that’s another story and another complex dilema!

So she say ” ei stoppinHo, wa you wann from a la turky? ” my response was well thought out. A football shirt! ” ei non i wonn geet a foosball shirt. ” i say get it and so he is the fruits of that uncomfortable phone call.

Its a nike design, so dont be fooled. You have seen this design on other teams before. Especially goal keepers. Its the two toned design. One side is dark red, the other is light red. Simples! Notice the sleeves…. One is dark red, the other is light red!

turkey 4

There is no collar which leaves the shirt looking a bit thin on top. It should really have a collar. What accensuates this is that there is no give in the material. So always look for a size larger.

On the back is perhaps one of turkey’s greatest talismans, Hakan Suker, who famously played many a season with inter milan. Its a neat name with the lettering. Notice the turkish lettering with a ç on the S and a ü on the U’s. Something that makes it look like it wasnt bought on the soccernet kitbag, rather from a stadium on the beaches of Fenerbache. Is there a beach i Fenerbache? I have no idea.

turkey 3

So there we go. Turkey 2007/8 shirt. Apologies for no spurs shirts as all have been packed away due to my moving closer to rio and the beaches of casablanca. This time next week we are back to our normal scheduled programming.

turkey 2

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