Shirt Fronted #10 – Tottenham 1978 Away


1978 Tottenham Away Shirt

by stoppinHO #69

StoppinHo allegedly

StoppinHo allegedly

Next under the microscope is the spurs away shirt 1978.

This was purchased only a few years ago from the club via the internet. This is certainly not an original from the era, heaven knows I couldn’t afford that, but is a replica and as such I take it that this was pretty damn close to what the players would have worn during the season.

It was a so/so season having come back into the first division after a stint in division 2 the season before. The side finished 11th and had moderate success in the FA cup reaching the Quarter Final.

Some of the squad players that year were Glenn Hoddle, Colin Lee, Terry Naylor, keith Osgood and top scorer Peter Taylor with 12 goals


This is a great shirt. It’s a sign when you can look at a shirt and it doesn’t need a sponsor logo to fill it out or add to its aesthetics. Its colours of yellow and blue, synonymous with spurs kits each year, just fit so well. Under Armor could do with a good look at how simple designs are often more appealing in a football shirt. The shirt is a hard wearing material, thick and retro in its feel. But still something great to wear and play in. The shirt manufacturer was admiral. One of the things I don’t like about the retro copies is the lack of shirt makers logo, as I like things to be as accurate from the era as possible, however this is definitely a plus for this shirt.


Two blue streaks on the front fill out the shirt design, and act as great back drops for the admiral logo and the cockerel logo of the time, a fitting version and sits well with the shirts. the v neck is blue cuffed with admiral logos, that continue under the blue collar, which for me was surprisingly good detail even for the 70’s.


So there you have it. treat yourself to one of these bad boys for Christmas!! Many sites are available including the spurs online shop!

Feliz Natal Everyone!!!

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