Spurs Baking – Part Two

Loris – Rock Cakes (The Rock)
Vertonghen – Lemon Lime Cheescake – Makes you whince and screw the face up!
Vlad “rags” Chiriches – Banana Cake – slips over the peel.
Naughton – Doughnut “Naught!”
Kaboul – Fruitcake
Paulinho – Polish Babka – Dry and no icing
Dembele – German Butterberg ( Marble cake) – all mixed up and confused
Eriksen – German Bienestien (beesting) – stings opposition from his free kicks
Capoue – Balokume – made from cornflour, butter and sugar – Bland!
Soldado – Spanish Magdalena Cake – in desperate need of divine intervention
Chadli – Tiramasu – my favourite
Lamela – Hash Cookies / Space cakes – with a nickname like “Coco” and a haircut to match

and one for the Supporters …….. – 1920’s good old fashion Depression cake!

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