Shirt Fronted #8 – Spurs Keeper Top 2000/01


Shirt fronted by StoppinHo episode 8

Spurs Goal Keeper shirt 2000/2001

A few episodes ago i mentioned that i didn’t have a GK top and that if Lloris kept playing well that i would possibly get my first GK top. Guess what??? I LIED!!!!!!!

Well not intentionally anyhow, i had just forgotten that i had bought this all those many years ago. It was in a sports store in Oxford Street in the heart of London. Can’t remember the name, but it had everything. Including this GK top and as i was a keeper in the 5 a side comp back at home, i decided that it would “spur” me onto some good performances, so the purchase was made!

This was made by Adidas. Probably at a time when the really eclectic GK shirts where on the way out and fluro was the colour of choice. This shirt is in a bright orange. The material is different to the shirts of the time, the material thus being a little stretchy and the thickness is definitely of note. And so it should be with keepers slip sliding around the penalty box (or beyond).

The Sponsor was HOLSTEN pilsner, a sponsor that had graced many shirts during the 80’s and even now attracts cult status on such shirts. The logo is puffy and groovy to touch. the shirt has been in the wash many times, and the logo has lost colour, but amazingly it has not peeled unlike many of its predecessors when bashed around in a washing machine.

the magnificent crest

the magnificent crest

The Club crest is the highlight for me. Its the emblem from the 2000’s that graced many shirts and is historic as it is classy and now historic. I just wish that Adidas did a better job with the backing, as it gets lost in the orange and the blue stitching from a distance just jumbles the logo.


Looking under the forearms is the padding, to protect the keepers from impact as its human nature to try to break your fall with your arms.Looking at the keeper shirts today, especially Lloris’, i don’t see any visible padding as it the fashion to be figure hugging, with some keepers even preferring to go short sleeved! Sacrilege!


Keeping with my “document in time” theme, i have the name and squad number of Neil Sullivan. Neil joined spurs from Wimbledon after they were relegated and did a pretty good job after we moved Ian Walker on. Until recently, he was still playing in the league at Doncaster Rovers.

So there it is for all to see. The GK shirt. After this March deadline in the 3,2,1 segment, i have a feeling i will be purchasing another one…..


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