Shirt Fronted #7 – Bayern Munich Away 2004/05

Bayern Away

Bayern Away

Getting shirt fronted with the Brazilian shirt wordsmith ….. StoppinHo!

Bayern Munich away 2004/2005

On todays episode, we travel to the the land of the Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, and all things Beer…thats right we are off to Germany, and to visit the team of the moment in Bavaria, Bayern Munich. In particular, lets look at the Bayern Munich away shirt for the 2004/2005 season.

This is the Gold Shirt that many refer to as the Champions League shirt, as they always wore it. It was a successful season for Felix Magath, who in his first season won the double of the League by 14 points and German cup for the second year in a row.

As always, Bayern seem to have one of the strongest squads, and season 2004/05 was no different. Some of the players to wear the shirt were Willy Sagnol, Martin Demichelis, Robert Kovac, Mehmet Scholl, Michael Ballack, Bastien Schwiensteiger, Claudio Pizarro, Roy Makaay and of course the BRAZILLIAN Ze Roberto olay!

Not the best Bayern shirt produced.

Not the best Bayern shirt produced.

This is a shirt made by adidas, the German sports apparel company. Adidas have always said that they save the best designs for Bayern, but i think they must have skipped a year in retrospect. This is not a shirt that has aged well. in fact when worn it doesn’t seem to sit right. However this does seem to be a popular shirt pretty much because it is Gold, and was said to resemble the winning of the League, when fans petitioned the club for something special. Well they got this!


The famous logo, normally in the red, white and blue colours is now completely Golden. Something different that i don’t believe has been replicated since. It contains the 3 stars, of course now it is 4 stars, so that is something that won’t be replicated again. How often do you see Bayern shirts with one or two stars? The logo has been sewn on and really looks great, nice and solid. The adidas logo is also sewn on. The sponsor is printed on the front. This was the beginning of the long relationship that still exists with telecommunication giants T—COM, who chose that year to focus on the internet (dial up perhaps?) option… are we kidding, Germany had naked ADSL before it was invented!

What the hell are those stripes?

What the hell are those stripes?

Underneath the sleeves and on the sides is the breathability in the form of netting, cutting edge technology for its time. The famous adidas three stripes, (debatably made famous by Nu-Metal band KoRN), is printed on the sleeve. I’ve never liked this. The printing made the shirt and Adidas look cheap. I prefer the sewn on designs personally. The three stripes sharpen out to a point that resembles Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine claws. Nice design, but the printing execution for me makes the shirt look cheap, considering the logo is sewn on. On the back is the German traditional team name as per the photos.

What? No number?

What? No number?

Surprisingly, i don’t have a name on this shirt. It was purchased at the Bayern shop at the Frankfurt “FRAPORT” Airport in Frankfurt, whilst on a three day stay en route to Copenhagen and Scandinavia. When I bought this shirt, i remember really wanting it as it looked cool on TV, but nowadays apart from the Gold colour, its not a shirt that is worn or pulled out for public viewing. But you can make your own mind up on that!

Hochie Doggie OUT!


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