Shirt Fronted #6 – Spurs Pony Home Shirt 1995

Pony Home Shirt 1995

Pony Home Shirt 1995

Spurs 1995 Home – The Pony Years
By an angry and depressed StoppinHo

For this week’s installment we go back to the ‘orrible 90’s and revisit the 1995 Spurs home kit. This was the first kit by Pony and was worn for two seasons, the 95/96, and 96/97 seasons.
An interesting fact that I have discovered about this shirt is that there are two versions. From my research, (and don’t shoot this Brazilian down), but the short sleeve version has a blue rectangular design on it whilst the long sleeve has completely white sleeves. I understand that the production of the short sleeve was hindered and that players during September had to wear the long sleeve version, thou I haven’t gone through and looked at my spurs review VHS tapes to verify that. I have been too depressed to do this as of late…
This is a very light weight shirt, very nice to wear, but the design is HUGE! It’s as thou the shirt grew wings! Kappa could learn from this! If you were an XL size, then you should have got the L. It really is that big. This was not going to expose a shirt pull. My memories of this shirt is watching Ruel Fox running down the wings but wearing what looked like a bed nightie.

The sleeve design

The sleeve design

Having said that, it’s not a shirt that I like to wear that much, but it does have a few neat designs that the pictures will illustrate. The club emblem is in an “ye olde” shield, and bears a version of the cockerel, which was not necessarily the same crest that was the official crest. (see the other early 90’s shirts – umbro for an example). It looks like this was certainly designed to be a tribute or throwback shirt.

Nice shield

Nice shield

Embedded into the shirt fabric is the same crest and shield as well as the THFC, – this is the ball that the cockerel is standing upon. I always like this in a shirt. It doesn’t seem to happen as much as it did in the late 80’s and early 90’s., For me it shows a manufacturers care to design. Nowadays, the kit manufacturers would demand an extra charge for this to be emblazoned on the shirts as prominently as they are in this shirt.


The buttons on the v neck are a die cast metal, not a solid, and have the letters S.P.U.R.S and T.H.F.C. a nice touch is the extra button that comes with the shirt, in case you get shirt pulled and lose the button. Underneath is the club motto in medieval lettering…dark latin for dark times as far as results on the pitch were concerned. And on the sleeve, as this is the short sleeve version, is the blue rectangle with the white pony V symbol. Horrendous at the time, but I’m slightly warming to it 20 years later.

nice buttons

nice buttons

The sponsor at the time was Hewlett Packard. It is the embossed sponsor logo and has that nice velvet feel to it.
All in all, not my favourite shirt, but it has grown on me, albeit its taken almost 20 years to do so. But it’s these shirts that will becomes collectors’ items for enthusiasts the world over as they really are shocking shirts then, and now. So shocking that you just have to have one!

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