Shirt Fronted #2 – Spurs Away 2000-2001- Ginola

Our mysterious Brazilian friend Stoppinho (world famous football shirt archivist) is back to talk to us about another shirt from his collection.

Spurs Away shirt 2000-2001

Spurs Away shirt 2000-2001

The next shirt for review is the Tottenham 1999 – 2000 away shirt
This is a rather “unspurs” shirt despite housing the traditional yellow, blue and traces of white trim and collar. Normally spurs shirts tended to be plain and one coloured affairs but this one was a breath of fresh air. How Under Armour could learn from this design…
It really has a decent wow factor! The adopted spurs away colours of blue and yellow have always been there in previous away efforts but never in my recollection together so prominently. The top chest is blue connecting to the sleeves, which bears the white Adidas stripes and collar trim. The yellow is a glorious match. This also bears the older spurs logo.
The other big winner is the classic “HOLSTEN” logo. Holsten Pilsner, hailing from Germany, graced some of the best classic shirts of the early 90’s era. So many times nowadays the logos really spoil the shirt, but this is not only a great sponsor, it represents a vital part of spurs history as well as an important part of the ongoing football culture…Beer!
The other big plus that makes this shirt memorable is the “Ginola 14” lettering and numbers. This is the era of Ginola dominance that saw him take the PFA player of the year award; truly well deserved and a reward that would see him best remembered as a spurs man, even after the lofty history of his successful spell at Newcastle Utd. It is refreshing for a player to nowadays be so proud of his achievements and love for a club even when the terms of departure where anything but glorious. Not one of Hoddle’s more glorious of decisions.
Notice the difference to the lettering…it has the velvet feel and originality that is sadly missing from the mass produced efforts of nowadays.
This is truly a shirt of nobility and distinction, one that crept through the grasp of the “peanut” that accepts and approves the shirt designs that grace the players now. (Enter this years home shirt). But that person who holds such a position of dominance is a story for another podcast. Just a great shirt that marries a collusion of great colours with a design that is very much original and individual.

P.S Sir Les wore it as well.

The maestro himself!

The maestro himself!

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