Back To The Future

After a very poor performance on the weekend against WBA, it seems like Spurs never change. We’ve seen this many a season and it doesn’t get easier, does it? Just more and more frustrating.

The performance was a bit AVBish, with lots of possession but not going anywhere fruitful. It definitely wasn’t what Poche has been asking of them this season. Even he was annoyed about it all.

The mumbling voices have already begun. And at Spurs that isn’t good news. But we have to be patient. We must. We’re not one of the top 4 rich clubs, where we can splash money around with impertinence. Though that doesn’t really help. Look at Man Utd, great attacking forceĀ  got 3 on the weekend, only for their useless defence to leak in 5 against Leicester!

I for one believe we must give Poche the full season. I know our very own mystical shirt collector Stoppinho has raised many doubts about the coaching. He thinks it was a mistake to hire him. He just got lucky. But we did have a chancer in the past and he got us into the Champions League, though he should’ve done better with the super stars we had.

There’s a reason we called this blog and podcast (okay, okay the pod is coming) Another Sacked Manager. Because its a coaching merry go round at the Lane. We have to break the cycle (I don’t mean smashing a bicycle or anything like that, that would be cruel) and give Poche some time to get the team playing consistently the way he wants them to play. It’s a great philosophy because it’s the Spurs philosophy.

Sure there will be a mess of a performance here and there, but that’s only to be expected when players are learning a new way to play. And sure some of the current starting 11 won’t be starting by the end of the season. That’s fine by me. But at least give the team time to play the right way week in, week out. The mistakes will be learnt in the public eye, there’s not way around that.

But we must give the coaching staff time. We must. I want him to succeed so we can change the title of the blog to We Never Sack A Manager.

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